Wunmi Toriola Opens Up On How She Battled Infertility In Her Marriage

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress explained that she was unable to conceive for six months, and it worried her.

Wunmi Toriola Opens Up On How She Battled Infertility In Her Marriage
Wunmi Toriola Opens Up On How She Battled Infertility In Her Marriage

Yoruba actress, Wunmi Toriola, has spoken about her struggle with infertility in her marriage before becoming miraculously pregnant.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress explained that following her marriage, she and her husband chose to take a break before starting a family.

According to Wunmi, their rest time had ended, and she had been unable to conceive for six months, which worried her, so she went to a fertility clinic with her husband to find out what was causing their difficulty.

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However, the doctor confirmed that she and her husband are healthy, but she chose IUI (intrauterine insemination) because she was desperate to have a child. She added that it wasn’t successful.

Wunmi Toriola wrote:

“I think its about time to tell my little story and this is to encourage someone. I wanted to rest after marriage before conception and boom “my supposed rest”finished ,no conception.

“I didnt see it as a problem until someone said “na so e easy,shebi she don dey married,she never get belle “ As the playful person i am,it didn’t hit until 6 months passed.Then it started to dawn on me. Voooooom i flew to fertility hospital but the annoying thing is “you need to go with your partner.

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“Choi,that was a tough one because it sure sends signals like “abi she don commot her womb before??? Long story cut short, i was told there was no issue that it would come but eager me wont hear ,i had IUI 2 times, the last one, I started having funny symptoms of pregnancy,even without test i thought i was pregnant and was unnecessarily careful.

“One month passed,i did test,alas no conception…. i was mad with my self ,30 days of injection and “hardwork”again. My doctor would laugh me and would assure me there was no issue with us… Hmmmmmm,i lost hope in IUI and i was ready for IVF, then miraculously conception came…

“I wish i could explain the anger ,the sadness through those little time of waiting but just one day,i forgot all… This is to encourage someone that “you are not in this alone” Others have been through worse and they came out strong
In the process of waiting “dont be mean”

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“Your miracle is closer than you think and in all i held unto this word of God which says “There shall be none called Barren in thy land” My miracle turns 2 tomorrow october 13…Son ,you will fulfil destiny. Any one that curses you shall be cursed.

“Marriage is not a yardstick for success – Afia Schwarzenegger
Anyone who blesses you shall be blessed. Your name will speak better things than the blood of Abel Zion,you are known for signs and wonders. Your name shall continually be found in the things that please God. You will love God

“I love you and i promise to protect you. And one last thing,God please give me long life to be there for this one and his siblings, Help me LORD.. To everyone looking for a miracle,the set time is now and it shall not tarry and please dont take medicals lightly. Love from Your mum…13/10/”

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