Introducing “Unboxed Cards” TV Series Across SurgeZirc Platforms

It doesn’t matter in which country you are in the world, shoot us an email at, and we’ll respond and schedule a shoot at your mansion.

Introducing Unboxed Cards TV Series Across SurgeZirc Platforms
Introducing "Unboxed Cards" TV Series Across SurgeZirc Platforms

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new video series titled “Unboxed Cards” across SurgeZirc platforms worldwide, a fantastic initiative that will entertain our global esteemed audience while also making a difference in the lives of those facing adversity. We are confident that this series will be entertaining and encouraging to those who are looking for reasons to live!

This fantastic initiative is perfectly aligned with our vision of running a global platform that will not only inform and entertain but also “heal” our readers through visual programs. When Sam first introduced the show, everyone was ecstatic because the new video series will not only supplement our text stories but will also bring celebrities closer to their fans so they learn about their success stories.

SurgeZirc’s ‘Unboxed Cards’ will allow fans to get to know their idols even better, as the show will ask celebrity followers to submit questions for their favourite celebrities to answer in the comment sections on social media. The questions gleaned from social media will be combined with questions already generated based on the celebrity’s personality, resulting in questions that are unique to each celebrity.

Getting “Unboxed Cards” video series done:

We will invite an award-winning celebrity on the show at random to answer a total of ’52’ questions based on fans’ and experts’ knowledge of the star’s past, current, and planned activities. You might be wondering why the number ’52’ was chosen.

It’s simple: ‘SurgeZirc’ contains ‘9’ letters as one ‘word,’ so the ‘Box’ contains a total of ‘9’ cards. Meanwhile, 5 questions are considered moderate for the ‘1’ card, while only ‘1’ card contains ’12’ questions; they focus on a specific aspect of life. When you multiply ‘5’ by ‘8,’ plus ’12’ you get the one-of-a-kind number “52.”

Because the show’s goal is to bring celebrities closer to their highly motivated fans, we thought it would be more appropriate to film the series at the homes of the invited celebrities, so that as viewers watch the celebrities speak from the background of their home, it will help create an atmosphere that is completely different from when the star is seen doing what he does best on TV and enhance connectivity.

As we begin to roll out this show in the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America, South Africa, India, and Nigeria in the coming months, “we will look for” and “accept invitations” from global icons whose presence on the show and stories will both change lives and entertain viewers.

Who is qualified to ‘Unbox’ SurgeZirc ‘Cards’?

After screening, we will invite or accept invitations from celebrities from all over the world who are passionate about the communities in which they live, care about their fans, and ‘must’ have received “merit awards” in their respective fields, primarily entertainment and politics.

Will SurgeZirc accept brands to be part of “Unboxed Cards”?

We will only accept a limited number of reputable brands to be a part of this show. To find out how you can be a part of the show, send an email to

We roll!

Are you a famous person? Have you received any merit awards? Do you think you have what it takes to answer ’52’ daring questions on SurgeZirc cards? Do you wish your fans could get to know you outside of the screen? Do you think your stories are captivating enough? Do you want to use your stories to help heal the world?

It doesn’t matter in which country you are in the world, shoot us an email at, and we’ll respond and schedule a shoot at your mansion. If you don’t have a mansion, consider borrowing one for the shoot so that we can keep the show looking classy. Lolz, Crazy, right? We move!

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